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India versus China-why not US versus UK?

Posted by bhoo on September 15, 2006

New magazine on outsourcing in the block – BPO Market Watch carried an interview with Pramod Bhasin, the outsourcing pioneer.  (August 2006 issue)  Very logical question – Is China going to beat India in outsourcing?

He asks why are we asking this question?  Why are we not asking US vs UK or Germany or whatever?    He says that it will be complementary.  All will co-exist. 

How true!

In this world, not many new things have completely removed or replaced the old things. 

One species may have a small disadvantage compared to another species for a short time – an environmental correction takes place – but, the eco-balance ensues, invariably.

Look at many trains in NY, you find the old-fashioned ticket collectors coming and punching tickets at every station.  That happening in the Big Apple, the world’s economic capital, is something unbelievable, but the ecosystem lets things co-exist.  A new thing does not completely eliminate old style. Else, why would Amazon open physical stores after its online success.

I also believe that all of these new countries in the block will have their fair share of the outsourcing market.  We may have some job-losses in India due to this second level outsourcing wave, but majority of the businesses in India will find some alternative to survive and build a niche – the most sensible of it is to go and setup operations in these emerging centers.


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