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How much follow-up is enough?

Posted by bhoo on September 16, 2006

We were trying to decide on a PR agency for us.  We have worked with a firm for the past 2+ years and  have been OK, even happy with their performance so far.  Of late, their attention on us started dwindling!

We wanted to evaluate options to see if we can do better than that.  When we asked for pitches from several agencies, other new PR firms took it serious and started following up regularly.

But, this old vendor of ours came, gave a powerful presentation, and that’s it!

They have the legacy, they know us, we know them, their presentation and pitch was powerful!  But, they never followed up!

They never showed that this business is important for them.  We eliminated them, almost singularly for this one reason.  We eliminated another firm as well for this precise reason – they were not following up, and they did not make a proposal on time.  So, our impression was, they were not interested in our business.

That may be far from true.  But, from a buyer’s perspective, follow-up is an indication of seriousness in business.

Our sales people often tend to believe that they may offend with ardent follow-up, and hence stay silent.

The secret is in having a “value-added” follow-up.  Our Corp-com manager calls it as “soft” follow-up.  Sending relevant articles, sending relevant materials etc.  The company that does this soft follow-up is the one that is most likely going to win our business.

This is a lesson for our own marketing efforts.


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