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Could Dinosaurs have saved themselves from being extinct?

Posted by bhoo on October 11, 2006

I know that this is controversial.  I know that in another day, in another mood, I will contradict myself. But, face it!  This is what is running in my mind right now!

We are seeing so many activists for environment protection, healthy lving, healthy eating and so on!  (I personally am very keen on propagating the organic farming side, and healthy eating side of things…)

But, truth of the matter is that it is impossible for anybody to control, or even moderate these happenings.  We have all grown our needs, and continuing to grow them in size and in comforts.

For the life of me, I know that Chennai (India) is hot, or cold, only from news paper – shifting from Air conditioned home to Air-conditioned bus/car/train to Air-conditioned office, and back does not give us the idea of what the outside temperature is like.  I am sure it holds good for you, whether you are living in NYC, CA or London.

If you think that it is very different in India, I cannot disagree more.  Recently, in our State in India, the new Government has this fancy idea of giving free color televisions.  When asked if it will reduce their sales, TV dealers locally said that Government is distributing 14′ TVs free, and their sale is always 21′ plus, and more so in the 29′ or above.  So, this free TV hardly affects their sales.

With this level of consumerism, who is ready to restrict needs for larger, long term good?  I was having a 14′ TV myself for a long time, and I watch very little TV personally.  But, the sheer social pressure of having the small TV in my living room forced me to buy a 32′ one recently.

So, you think this whole human movement can be stopped by activism?

We live in the age of “instant gratification”.

I believe that, if human life and this earth has to go extinct because of some of these things that we are doing, it is almost impossible for us to stop or delay it.

Dinosaurs could not have avoided their extinction thorugh activism of some of the intelligent dinosaurs, could they?


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