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Best marketing – better than selling Ice to eskimos…

Posted by bhoo on October 14, 2006

Can you sell a pitch black postcard for $1, with nothing else in it?  And have people buy it?

If someone could do it, would you change the metaphor for great marketing from “selling ice to eskimos” to “selling pitch black post-cards to intelligent people”?

I recently visited Penn’s cave, and encountered what I personally consider as one of the best marketing ideas I have encountered in my life.

In their Cavern tour, the guide switched off all lights in the middle of the cave, and claimed that place to be “the darkest place on the earth”.  No doubts, it was pitch dark, and it was one of the best (or worst) darkness I have seen in my life.

On the way back, I happened to peek at their souvenir shop, and to my surprise, found this postcard – that was nothing else but plain pitch black color printed on it.  Behind the card was describing it as “Penn’s caves – the darkest place on the earth” or something to that effect.

How ingenious can marketeers be!


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