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Boeing vs Delta or Southwest

Posted by bhoo on October 18, 2006

Doesn’t it strike as strange that Boeing has never chosen to fly airlines, and neither have the large airline businesses chosen to build aircrafts.

Building aircrafts is a largely engineering endeavour and involves so much of research in hardcore engineering.

Running an airline is a predominantly marketing oriented effort, with a lot of emphasis on branding, distribution, service, etc.

The surprising similarity runs between OPD and ISVs. 

Product development is a distinctly hardcore engineering endeavour.  The architecture and under-the-hood importance of engineering typical of product engineering, is best left to experts – the new breed of Outsourced Product Development companies like Aspire Systems.

And, the software vendors (ISVs) should focus on the other aspects – branding, distribution, service, etc.  More important in this entire equation is to “finding profitable solutions to problems” (Brian Tracy’s definition of entrepreneurship), which software vendors are better equipped to do than the OPD firms.


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