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Jargonizing common sense!

Posted by bhoo on October 20, 2006

You have used that precise management technique all through your life, based on common sense.  Suddenly you come across a single word description (Jargon) that precisely defines the same technique, but makes it sound more authentic and intellectual.

Is the above definition confusing?  How about the term “jargonizing”? Urban dictionary defines this as “The act of making up words, either in order to make oneself sound more intelligent, or for lack of a better word”.  This word, “Jargonizing” is a perfect example of this phenomenon of Jargonizing.

We encounter this all through our life.

Some of the jargons that I have encountered that “jargonized” what I have encountered several times before I heard the jargon itself:

Dipstick survey:  Just an informal question asked with some relevant stakeholders.  You do that all the time.  Very qualitative, but can throw some light compared to even formal surveys.  You throw a party, and ask a few of your friends informally on how they liked the event or food.  You know what you just did?  When you tell your wife next time that your party was successful, and if she asks why you feel so, you tell her that you found it through a “dipstick survey”.  Sounds authentic and powerful, doesn’t it?

Soapbox:  Yes, you heard it right.  It is the jargon for raising a political or non-political issue in front of public, without being called to speak.  Wikipedia defines “A modern form of the soapbox is the blog, an internet site on which anyone can publish their thoughts, often for free.”  So, if you are a blogger, you have raised yourself on a soapbox.

Boutique firm:  Originally used only to describe legal practices that specialze in only one of the concentrations (, nowadays, you hear of boutique consulting firms (, boutique investment consultants, even boutique real estate firms.  Essentially, smaller and non-generalized firms are called that (meaning, specifically focused on one or a few areas compared to large players in the same market.)  Of course, you have encountered boutique firms, and probably done business with them.  But, you probably did not call them that, or they did not position themselves that way!


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