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Cocooned from weather!

Posted by bhoo on November 28, 2006

So, I have been traveling in NYC for the past 2 weeks.  Chennai – for the supposed monsoon and winter during this time had been still relatively warm.  Here it is freezing cold! 

How do I know?  TV weather channel tells me so!

Back in India, during April/May, temperature shot up to 100+.  How did I know?  Newspapers and TV reports told me so!

On the thanksgiving day, I want to be thankful that I have been “provided” for these statements – that I know about it only through reports, not by encountering these extreme weathers.

Wherever I am, I do not live in any rough weather.  I am sure that is the case with the majority of those who are reading this piece.  We are all amply protected from weather, and make ourselves comfortable in the 70-85 kind of a temperature, using air-conditioning and heating.

My heart goes out for those who are not provided for this, but most of who will read this do not belong there.  Unless we are willingly going out for pleasure sakes, we do not encounter the actual rough weather that much.  It possibly is a brief encounter from office to car, or from train station to office or bus to office or whatever, otherwise, we hardly encounter the actual weather.

We get to hear about the temperature outside from news reports!  One side of it feels great!  It feels like mankind has accomplished!

Other side of it – we are living so much of an unnatural life.  We are cocooned from the actual weather!  Is that good?  Questionable…

May be it contributes to global warming, may be it destroys the world for future generations, may be it is a waste of money.  I know a friend, who is well off actually, but chooses to put on jackets even at home, instead of turning on the heater.  (We all are so different in perspectives.  What is luxury for you is essential for me, what sounds essential for you is waste of money for me…)

From my perspective, we should take efforts to include more and more people to the privileged lot of “cocooned from weather”.


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