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Software 2007 – state of the software industry!

Posted by bhoo on May 13, 2007

It was a great experience – to be there in software 2007 (sandhill). Here are some of the observations – in my perspective:

— Everyone (well, almost!) there (including my humble self) seems to think that the future of the software industry is going to be 100% defined and controlled by themselves. Microsoft was no exception, Salesforce and SAP claiming the same.

Motorola thinks all PCs will be replaced by handhelds.

Microsoft thinks they will continue to wipe all other players in whatever space – hardware, software – everything.

SAP – thinks they will create the “cover-all” of enterprise applications.  Enterprises – small and big – will make coffee using SAP (which incidentally is going to be available on-tap (on-demand) according to Hasso).

We Aspire Systems did not speak there. But, what the heck! Let me make the claim on which we have 100% trust and confidence on. Our claim to rule the software world? Here it goes…

Aspire Systems will redefine the way software is built for the enterprises and consumers alike. Product Engineering and best practices there is the thread that is going to get any of these guys to get anywhere close to where they want to get! And, Aspire will create, define, proliferate and possess the best of the best of Software Product Engineering practices. So, we will rule the roost! Hold your breadth and watch!


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  1. First-Class, thanks for sharing this info. Looks great on my iPhone, but on the Blackberry Pearl’s browser your site comes out a little funky.

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