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Software 2007 – state of the software industry – 3!

Posted by bhoo on May 14, 2007

Continuing on my perspectives on the Sandhill Software 2007 show:

One industry pundit that I met even said that programmers will not be needed in the future and only “configurers” will be needed. And hence the whole training and focus all you programmers and the scientists are wasting time on – lo and behold – will vanish as a trade. As all enterprise applications will be available as Services (thanks to SOA), we do not need any more new programing and hence only configurations will be needed.

Wow! What a view! I also saw an article (here!) that said a similar thing…they called this new trade as “integrators”…

I do not see it coming for the next 20 years with all these newer standards emerging – (or, call it non-standards).

Let’s take an example – if we build an application using Salesforce’s new platform, how do we move it to another platform without re-coding? Of course, talk to Salesforce, they will ask you a very simple question – “why would anyone want to do that, as Salesforce will be ubiquitous?”  (Of course, like everybody else in the enterprise software industry will be sitting there making coffee, handling laundry and every activity of an enterprise.)

Call me naive, I will ask that question, and I will continue to believe that programers will be needed on the earth in plenty for a long long time to come. The skillsets will be different, and that difference will be seen, sure!

Product Engineers at one end of the spectrum and like this guy said – configurers or integrators – in the other side of the spectrum.

To a large extent, the current breed of programmers are none but “configurers” even today! With 4GL and the progresses made in App-server platforms!  Is that not true?

Of course, that leaves aside some small sub-sets like Product Engineers who are creating software products who will continue to do software engineering or programming.

Programmers – wake up and flame me. More importantly, flame those who proclaim the death of your profession!


One Response to “Software 2007 – state of the software industry – 3!”

  1. Random T. said

    I can tell that this is not the first time at all that you mention the topic. Why have you decided to touch it again?

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