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Perfection vs volume – the eternal conflict!

Posted by bhoo on May 18, 2007

Like many contradictory things in life – these 2 are real conflicts in life:

 Take these statements:

— When 99% is acceptable, you will never achieve 100%.

— Something is better than nothing

What a set of conflicting thoughts?  It drives me crazy! 

The corollary to point number 1 is – something is not better than nothing, if that something is not the “perfect thing”.  Or, “Nothing” is better than the “imperfect” thing.

The corollary to the second point is – you will always achieve only something, never the perfect thing…as you are constantly trying and vying for only “something” not the “perfect thing”

So, the concept of moving along without as much caution comes into picture of creating volumes and speeding forward, as opposed to doing the right thing thinking through every aspect and create lasting value….but, smaller volumes…

Both these principles are right in their own merits.  It just needs a balance in life, and everyone’s balance is different.  And, success has been achieved with any combination of balance between these 2, and hence we cannot say one is better than the other.

You have to understand your own balance and move on! 


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