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Chennai – 600028

Posted by bhoo on June 7, 2007

Happened to watch this movie.  Wow!  What a movie!  Young talent – almost all were new faces, almost raw.  But the movie had such a freshness in it. 

 So many directorial touches!  So much humour!  So much look behind what is commonly a passion among Indians – Cricket.

And – a youth film – capturing the spirit of youth – that does not talk only about the infatuations and sexual aspects of adolescence.  Is it there?  Yes!  But, is it handled with deft – absolutely!

Yuvan – continues to amaze me.  I believe that improvising from a legacy is even more difficult than creating a legend!  He has time and again proving that he can cut a style of his own, and do a good improvisation.  Although originality in substance is questionable – originality in style is certainly there.

While looking at the emotions, ego, love, hatred and everything that runs cricket – the director manages to do so not by looking at the highest – most visible – level – the Indian cricket team and the international matches.  But, he manages to do so by handling the more grassroots – amateur – local – level.  A very intelligent handling.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie a lot.


One Response to “Chennai – 600028”


    Wathing movie cannot be considered as a Weakness or even mania as referred by Bhoo. The referred BIL has not been understood by Bhoo. All human beings would try to find out ways to ventilate thier feelings for which they would pick up habbits like, Reading, Walking, Listening Musics,Releigious speaches etc on the positive trend. Some may prefer that smoking, Drinking, Womenizing, Pan chewing habbits etc which may affect their health. Similar to the above, watching movie can only be considered as a regular habit and only bad effects of this is given below:
    a) An illusionary big images and watching such big screens will force our mind to believe the same in reality too for a while initially and later in gradually to try the same in personal life too. Best example is to watch the audiences take out their motor cycles and cars especially after seeing a marvellours final stunt sequence of a movie. This feeling will be there for a few moments only. For a habitual goes of movies, imagine the situation—- Singam Pola Singam Pola
    b) Understading human beings will accept that it is too tight for the couple and child to meet the demands of the situation at US and include this three to four hours time spent on a movie within 24hours. But spending few minutes time to acknolwedge near and dear mails will force them to think ” whether it is not in the priority list? or Out of sight out of mind etc is the true meaning of the Watching Movie is a weakness or mania or a habit?

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