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Immigration debate!

Posted by bhoo on June 9, 2007

Saw this article on immigration debate.  

 Couple of disclaimers before I make my comment: a) I do not understand the full impact of this – particularly in view of the “labor pool” and illegal immigrants from the neighboring countries.  b) In one sense, I am happy that countries like the USA are preventing people from migrating!  If I take India as an example – it will make more and more bright people to stay back in India – and that is good for a country like India!

If the USA allows immigration and competition that results out of it, it will be a true and a remarkable testimony to the United States. That’s if the real underlying belief is in “free markets creating wealth for everyone,” which is the fundamental principle of capitalism. I admire the country to have been built purely by getting the best people from around the world. Why is there an effort to stop that? Why is there a step backward on something that has worked so well, and that still holds the promise of working very well for this country?


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