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Outsourcing trends to watch out for: Specialization!

Posted by bhoo on July 9, 2007

Nice, pressworthy title and a good mention of important trends in Natasha Lomas’s article in  Saw it here.

Any mature industry – gets commoditized, and hence consolidation is inevitable. 

There is also a parallel trend to watch out for – Specialization – some special niche segments will become so special – that specialists will emerge just to service the niche segment.

No consolidation can even happen without this emergence of “specialists” who question the mammoth “consolidated” companies.

As an example, we at Aspire Systems feel “Outsourced Product Development” to be such a “specialization” niche.  We feel that no amount of consolidation can stop from a few OPD firms emerging to become large IT outsourcing players in the next few years!


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