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India Vs China: The eternal debate!

Posted by bhoo on July 21, 2007

So, this has surfaced again – here, here and here and many other places! 

Let’s not talk about India Vs China. Let’s talk about the overall need / demand for IT in the world.

The overall need for IT in the world – including the need for integrating diverse systems in the developed world and the need for getting new computerized systems in the developing world – the need for IT talent is ENORMOUS. I really believe that this need is not going to deplete in the next 20 years.

So, there is going to be opportunity for trained IT engineers – irrespective of where they are. I do not for a moment believe that the “real” IT engineers in the USA or Europe could have lost jobs because of outsourcing. Because, the actual demand for IT work, I believe, far exceeds the supply of all the countries put together – given the enormous task in front of us – of pulling all our systems into computerized systems and get them integrated enough.

This is a way forward for every country, and I sincerely believe that – any loss of job in any country is incidental – and not a trend!

What is happening, if anything, is this: Today – when a student in India is trying to choose a graduate studies – let’s say Mathematics or Logical thinking is not his or her strength – and arts or history is his or her passion and interest – Due to sheer parental and peer pressure, such young people are choosing to study IT. They do not suddenly become better in logical skills and mathematical skills, and bright people among them end up getting decent jobs irrespective of the apparent lack of this inner strength. And, IT companies are surface-training these people to make them just to “acceptable” levels.

These are not “real” IT engineers! These are people who are just making use of the current opportunities! In the long run, this course will correct itself, and some of these “unreal” engineers are likely to lose their jobs.

Not because there is less demand, but because they are not as suitable for the demand.

I do not think “real” qualified IT engineers – be it in China or India or the USA will lose their jobs in the next 20 years!

So, it does not matter where such talent is physically located.


3 Responses to “India Vs China: The eternal debate!”

  1. Dear Bhoo,
    I have gone through your article on ‘Let’s not talk about India Vs China. Let’s talk about the overall need / demand for IT in the world.’. I am slighly confused about the term ‘real qualified IT engineers’ mentioned in the article. Are you pointing to the qualification or quality?

    Some good percentage of IT people who are above 6 years experience(including me)are not with professional degrees, but we are able to deliver the ‘punch’ which is needed in this industry.

    Will you suggest to improve the Qualifications to sustain in the industry after a few years?

    Sai Kunapareddi

  2. Anonymous said

    Dear Bhoo,

    I agree with bhoo…
    “engineering graduates” without engineering mindset.
    “Able to Deliver product” doesnt mean it is engineered well.Just accepting … there is no other way after investing their time and money.


  3. Dear Anonymous,
    I am not 100% with you. Before someone is able to deliver the product, definitely some check points will be involved. Else, though a product is created with engineering mindset, it will not be useful.

    One of the biggest challenges the s/w industry facing now is ‘Compromise’

    Sai Kunapareddi

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