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Things taking longer than expected time!

Posted by bhoo on August 17, 2009

This is such a common term – I have heard it millions of times, and I have also used it as many times.

Let’s take an example of my recent relocation – relocation from the USA to India – decided in December, acted in April 2009.  What has happened since April 2009?  It took almost forever to get to where we are today – in August 2009, and still, we are not where we wanted to be.  When I shifted, I somehow dreamt that by June 2009, I would be settled with school, a routine, a home, a car and somewhat on the new business as well.

What has happened?  School – our preferred school – only from Sep 30.  We have been managing with a school that is very far, different from what we want Sashank to do, and one that makes us wake up at 5 am and run till 9.30 pm.

We had to settle for a rental house that is on only till Dec 2009.  By the time we bought the car, it was eons, and Kanchana has barely learnt driving by herself.

Business is taking forever – to make the minimal progress, and in bits and pieces at that.  Some days we have a bunch of enquiries and feel that we are busy, but at the end feel disappointed with the minimal progress.

Sometimes I sit and wonder if it is taking more than expected time.

My thought and answer to this question is this:  In what basis did I set an expectation in the first place?  There is absolutely no basis – it is just a projection of an “ideal” scenario.  That is all about it.

In this scenario – what we need to do is to correct our expectation and do some basis for setting our own expectations, and not get frustrated about the apparent delays from an absolutely unscientific expectation.

I should learn to handle my frustration and treat it as normal!


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