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Old times were good!

Posted by bhoo on August 18, 2009

I have often heard the expression that the old times were good!  Yesterday, I attended a great speech by a spiritual philosopher cum chartered accountant (what a combination).  It was so enjoyable.  I agreed with most of what he said, which is unusual.  But, he started mentioning that the old times were too good – there was one Rama who was enough for solving all ills of human life, or one Jesus enough.  He says, today’s world is so bad that we need one Jesus or one Rama in every household to clean the evil.

Wow!  What a thought!  I take total exception of this opinion.

If, in general, people were very good, how can Rama become a hero?  We make stories and news of exceptions, not the general citizen.  We make biographies of special people who possess qualities that are unusual, not the “common man”.

If everybody was chaste, why should we make a hero out of Kannagi?  If everyone was good, why would we make a hero out of Jesus?  If everyone was honest and brave, etc, why would we call Rama special?

I believe that there have been evil and good in all times.   The proportions are also similar at all times.  It is just that these stories are old and hence have gained the “aura” of authenticity over a period.


One Response to “Old times were good!”

  1. Viji said

    hmmm. i agree with what you say. I for five years, almost heard every lecture of this “spiritual philosopher cum chartered accountant”. profound speech is what I would call it. But, I agree to you here.

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