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Who am I?

Posted by bhoo on November 17, 2009

I am a huge believer of “universality” and “humanity”.  The recent news about Thackerey vs Tendulkar is so disturbing for me.  In a world that is rapidly becoming global, in a country that is rapidly becoming an icon, here is someone who is looking for “regional divide”, leave alone digital divide.

Why do we have so much urge to identify ourselves with something or the other?  We want to call ourselves an Indian, an American, a businessman, a socialist, a capitalist, a brahmin, a hindu, a muslim, what not!  When people ask me if I am a brahmin, my usual response is, “No, I am a human!”.  Why is it that none are ready to identify themselves as “HUMAN”?  Isn’t it above all else?

I am even fine with identifying one’s self with “chosen” or “accomplished” stuff.  As an example, I can choose to be a socialist, choose to be a businessman;  I can accomplish becoming a nobel laureate, or a minister or a businessman.  Identifying one’s self with that is at least acceptable.

But, what is difficult for me to accept is the claim to “fame” by being born in a community, or a surrounding or a city.  By birth – is a very difficult thing to digest.  It is probably a difference between a rich person by self-earning and rich-person by inheritance.  But, when someone feels proud for things that he / she is neither born in, nor contributed for – it feels really sad.  Is there such a huge identity crisis in this world?

I am NOT claiming to be an exception to this rule of “self identification” or even pride of remote association.  I may sometimes identify myself to one of the “isms”.  But, the question remains – how can I identify myself as a Maharashtrian as opposed to being a human?

For that matter, while Tendulkar is certainly taking a higher plane by claiming to be an “Indian”, that is still a subset of being “human”.  At the end of the day, we should all bow to “human” excellence.

My friends says something profound on this.  Human beings do not need to excel.  Just being born, and being able to live itself is a MIRACLE of huge proportions.  So, we should respect all human beings, just for being there!


One Response to “Who am I?”

  1. Hi Bhoo, I agree with you. Most humans feel insecure and desperately wanted to be part of a larger group. Only when an alien group tries to take over the earth, humans may come under a single umbrella. Even educated people have this kind of problem. you may find this link to be useful.

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