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The Partial Ramanuja (or any other God!)

Posted by bhoo on November 30, 2009

Last year, we visited to Niagara falls along with my dad!  It was approaching fall season.  My dad was taking an overnight (red-eye) flight from SFO, while I was driving from New Jersey.  The previous day morning, the weather report said the chances of rains to be 50%.  The probability gradually rose during the day, and towards the evening, when we began our journeys, the probability was predicted as 90%.

We were about to drop the plan altogether.  My dad came up and said:  “I trust in Ramanuja , he will save my day.  We will not drop the program, let’s go!”.

When we landed in Niagara falls the next day, we were thrilled to see a clear day!  It was sunny to the extent that we even saw rainbows on Niagara.  My dad kept repeating that Ramanuja saved his day, and enjoyed the trip to its fullest.

Now, this got us into an argument (what is new!).  If Ramanuja has God-like qualities, how can he be partial to the people who have faith?  This question I have for people who preach about any God.  If God needs to be God, He needs to protect people irrespective of their leanings.  If he protects people who have faith on him at the cost of others who do not believe in him – doesn’t he become an egoistic man?  Is it Godly to be partial to those who believe in you?  Is it Godly to even go to the extent of “punishing” people who do not have faith on you?

I often get mailers that claim that if I forward to 10 people I will get great wealth or fame or something, and if I do not, I will get punished!  My God!  How can this be right?  How can any “God” do that?  If someone does that, doesn’t it disqualify them as God or Godly?  Isn’t it a “scum”worthy human trait to expect people to believe in and praise one’s self?

This is just one among the several questions I have on “praying”.  As always, I am NO exception to pray sometimes.  But, back-to-back, I cannot help but think that, if there is this huge “GOD”, HE must know what I need.   He must be knowing what should be done with my life.  Then, how can we pray him, or praise him and get something of it?

*(Ramanuja is one of the God’s messengers, believed by a sect of Vaishnavites in India.)


5 Responses to “The Partial Ramanuja (or any other God!)”

  1. padmas said

    Dear Bhoo,
    Did u ever realize you were not the only one around in the Niagara falls the other day? Of course there would have been other visitors, who didn’t even know (“Swamy”)Ramanuja existed???? But they too enjoyed their visit,didn’t they?? Its probably because of your father’s belief that benefited all. So,HE not only helped His believer but others as well.Theres’ always two sides to a coin.

    • bhoo said

      Sorry about the late reply. This topic came again in our family conversation, and I reviewed this post. Padma: My entire post is about the other side of the coin. The “other” side of the coin is not the other visitors on that day, who were bestowed by a “spatter” from the rain that fell on my father. The “other” side of the coin is the rain on another day when many non-devotees of Ramanuja visited and it rained heavily spoiling their plans.

  2. Viji said

    I have almost stopped visit your space, for it was so boring to see the same old posts. I now realise that, I neglected it for too long. Good to see some new posts.
    “If God needs to be God, He needs to protect people irrespective of their leanings.” – PERFECT. No one can ever refute it. The main principle of Swami Ramanuja is “Jeevathma(mortals), are taken care of Paramathama(God), the way a mother takes care of her new born baby.” God definitely showers his kindness towards everyone alike, the same way rain shower on everyone, with out being partial.
    I like Padmas comment. How true!!!

  3. Robin Madhav said

    Hi Bhoo,

    We actually met about 3 or 4 years ago in New York City at a NYSIA meeting. (I am with Accenture, not sure if you remember we talked about product sourcing etc.)

    Your premises are a bit off … “needs to protect irrespective of leaning” for frequently God tests humans (e.g. Krishna testing Draupadi for the Akshayapatra or Yaweh testing Abraham for the sacrifice of his son). Protection is irrespective of leaning, but faith is a fundamental requirement.

    Your second premise is also a bit off … “HE must know what I need” and “He must be knowing what should be done with my life” … Yes but the point is that YOU should do it out of free willed faith. Krishna can instruct Arjun on the right course of action but Arjuna should invoke his yogas (Samkya, Gyana and all) to actually do it. (In fact, non-free-willed actions incurs sin.)

    Finally “pray” or “praise him and get something out of it” is settled now. God (Krishna) could hardly care if you praise him or pray … what He says is “do your duty without attachment and I’ll handle the rest”. It’s a good bank too … if you do what needs to be done (dharma+karma) then you’re good to go to mukti.

    Interesting post though … keep em coming…

  4. mobworld said

    Hi Bhoo,

    You have brought in this post, whatever I felt all these days. My opinion is that even if such a super power is present, it is not his job to Monitor every human being, take notes of their prayer and answer them.

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