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What is in a name?

Posted by bhoo on December 17, 2009

“A rose called by any other name is a rose”!  We all know that.  (Corollary:  Bhoo, called by any other name is as bad as “Bhoo”.)

But, names make a difference, we all know that.  Some people even claim that the names contribute to character, and some even go to the extent of making future predictions based on names.

My name has been such a special one.  I am frequently “BOO”ed in my MBA class.  My name takes numerous forms in the mouths of people. 

One funny incident takes a prime place in all the incidents involving my name. 

I was calling my friend, Kumaresh.  His friendly receptionist took the phone.  She promptly informed me that Kumaresh was not around.  So, I asked her to keep a message for him.  I did not know that there was trouble brewing!  Here is how it went:

Bhoo:  Tell him that Bhoo called up.

She: Who called up?

Bhoo:  Bhoo called up.

She: Who called up?


It went on for a few times, and I spelt my 4 letter name to her with a lot of difficulties.  At last, I was satisfied that my message was taken.

I happened to visit Kumaresh the next day in his office, and this guy – treating me like a show-piece, calls a few of his colleagues around his table, and introduces me – “This is my friend, Bhoo.”  People walked around me with sheepish smiles!  I was totally confused on what the heck was happening.

After a while of this “being a museum piece” experience, Kumaresh showed me the yellow post-it slip left by his receptionise about my message the previous day.  It read “OOO called up” with a triple “O”.  What say I!


3 Responses to “What is in a name?”

  1. Someone at Aspire told me that self-effacing humour works wonders. I loved this post.



  2. Viji said

    lol.. you got a unique name. good post laced with your trade mark humour.

  3. Karthik Rajasekaran said

    Bhoo, This is funny..

    OOO – When I see this I get to remember “Out Of Office” in Outlook


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