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Capitalism vs Communism

Posted by bhoo on April 26, 2010

I have a new colleague by name Manoharan in Aspiration Energy, who claims to be a “communist”.  I announce myself to be “fiscally conservative and socially liberal”.  We keep having conversations about communism vs capitalism, and my (obviously uninformed) ideas on communism is getting shattered.

He vociferously supports Jayalalitha’s decision about Government employees when she was in power.  I thought that was so right wing.  So, isn’t communism the left wing?  It is confusing for me.  I have asked him to bring Marx books, which I intend to read.

As long as the system does not do “work as per capacity, and get as per needs” as described by Ayn Rand, I am fine with whatever “ism” that is.  I agree with Rand that “get as per needs” is inherently unfair.  Who is to determine what is a “need” and what is a “want”?  Example:  Is owning a TV a need or a fundamental right, that has to be satisfied through public funds by the Government?  That is where “get as per the needs” fails.

Eating is a fundamental right, probably.  But, eating a bowl of cooked ration rice or eating in “The Taj” are manifestations of the same eating.  Which one can be called the fundamental right?  How can we define it?  The best is to get people to “earn” their rights.  Earning, in my mind, makes it equitable.  Once earned, the individual has the right to distribute to whatever social causes, instead of someone plucking it away to distribute it.

In any case, this triggers my curiosity and the need to read a lot more.   I will!


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