Bhoo wears the thinking cap!

As if that is possible!

Destiny or volition – You are here!

Disclaimer:   Although I am a co-founder, and hold a responsible position in Aspire Systems, the opinions in this blog are my personal opinions, and may not necessarily reflect Aspire Systems’ stance on those issues.

Hi there:

It is great to be meeting you through my blog!  This medium is so exciting, so exciting, that I wish I had started this earlier.

As with every other blogger that I have been reading about, I do have all the initial anxiousness of – “Will I be able to keep it up?”, “Will this be liked by somebody (anybody)?”, “Will it become stale after sometime?”, etc, etc.

But, the attraction is huge!  Almost as informal as email, personalized and public the same time, ability to freely express opinions, without hiding in “corporate standards”, etc are drawing me like a pin to a magnet, in this blogosphere.

I do not fully subscribe to the view that we are all destined to do what we do every moment – what gain does the God or the Supreme being get by programming every second of everyone of us?  Even if majority of our life is driven by destiny, as people put it, I do not believe that you have the precarious “order” from above to read my blog.  If that “supreme program” did not have some “randomization”, it would have been so boring.  (Complex concept, huh?  Expect that from my blog.  I am known to be putting things in the most complex way, at the same time have a completely opposite reputation of being very simple and clear…)

In any case,  now that you are here, I welcome you with a very warm heart!

Hmmm…What am I going to blog about?  Of course, software industry, mainly in regard to the “enterprise software”, that I spend most of my time with, and that I have spent most of my last 10 years with.  That goes without saying.  In addition, I will also write what I feel about B2B marketing.  I also intend to write about general life as “musings”.  I used to run a small tabloid newspaper, where I was writing a weekly column called “Eagle’s View”, under a coined name “The Eagle”.  I will try to repeat history by writing my general opinions about life in general – from the view and perspective of an entrepreneur, professional senior executive of a growing firm in the services business, an Indian middle-class born, trying to adapt to the culture-shock of a global village, and to make it big in this wide world!

Who is the target audience?  Right now, I will try to write what I assume will be interesting for

– executives in the enterprise software industry. 

– fresh and young professionals – particularly those in the software industry

– B2B marketing professionals – again subset of these will be the executives in the enterprise software industry

Enough of an introduction, isn’t it?

A warm welcome to you, the reader of this blog.  I am honored that you chose to spend your valuable time with me and my “musings”.

Have a great time laden with fun and purpose!


2 Responses to “Destiny or volition – You are here!”

  1. 🙂

  2. !
    I just registered an account here….
    . Sweet job by the admin and mods and you guys
    How can I become a mod on this forum?
    nice blog

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