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Chennai – 600028

Posted by bhoo on June 7, 2007

Happened to watch this movie.  Wow!  What a movie!  Young talent – almost all were new faces, almost raw.  But the movie had such a freshness in it. 

 So many directorial touches!  So much humour!  So much look behind what is commonly a passion among Indians – Cricket.

And – a youth film – capturing the spirit of youth – that does not talk only about the infatuations and sexual aspects of adolescence.  Is it there?  Yes!  But, is it handled with deft – absolutely!

Yuvan – continues to amaze me.  I believe that improvising from a legacy is even more difficult than creating a legend!  He has time and again proving that he can cut a style of his own, and do a good improvisation.  Although originality in substance is questionable – originality in style is certainly there.

While looking at the emotions, ego, love, hatred and everything that runs cricket – the director manages to do so not by looking at the highest – most visible – level – the Indian cricket team and the international matches.  But, he manages to do so by handling the more grassroots – amateur – local – level.  A very intelligent handling.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie a lot.


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