Bhoo wears the thinking cap!

As if that is possible!

Who is this Bhoo?


16 Responses to “Who is this Bhoo?”

  1. Dave Haugen said

    Right on!!

  2. S. Senthil Kumar said

    Hello Bhoo How are you

    I am Kumar from Mumbai, Ghatkopar

    • bhoo said

      Hi Kumar:

      Very nice to hear from you. How are you? What is happening in life? How is family? I am back to India now after a 2.5 year of stint in India. I have also started a new business in the name of Aspiration Energy. Let me know on how you are doing, Kumar.


  3. Shathish said

    Hi Bhoo,
    How are you, i worked as system administrator at Aspire systems and i have spoke to you over phone while troubleshooting problems like LAN connectivity. Now iam working at IBM. Your blog is really interesting.

    • bhoo said

      Thanks, Shathish. I do remember you, and thanks for all the support. All the very best in your new career.

      Sorry about the late reply.


  4. BALAJI said

    Hellooo Bhoooooooooo,

    Remember Me. I am Balaji, who took you to Pazhavoor for that wind mill visit.
    I happend to read your blogs…… Its interesting

    • bhoo said

      Hey Balaji:

      Thanks. I have been inactive here, and plan to be active again. We went ahead with Suzlon mill near Pollachi, FYI.


  5. Mahathi Ramya said

    Hi Bhoo,
    I was an ex employee in aspire systems, you might have remembered my classical dance in start trek.
    Your blog is very didn’t update ‘Who is this Bhoo’ section about your new company ‘aspirational energy’??
    All the best for your future endeavors 🙂


    • bhoo said


      Thanks for this comment. I made a link to my linkedin profile, kind of OOP.

      How are you doing? We are well.

      Sent from my Nokia phone

  6. Vipul Mehta said

    Hello Bhoo,

    I am Vipul, a management student from IIM Kozhikode.
    I want to start an entrepreneurial venture in Renewable Energy in my hometown Faridabad. I am attending the Chennai conference on RE to be held on 12-13 March 2012.
    Wanted to start a conversation with you and if possible any support from your side in my ‘aspiration’ of becoming an entrepreneur in solar space.


  7. Abbas said

    Hello Mr Bhoo,

    Greetings for the day !!

    i am Abbas from Hyderabad. two months back i had telephonic interview with you, Now i am in chennai and very much interested in solar power sector . please let me know your availability so that i can come and meet you . Thanks

  8. ponni laxmi said

    hi sir,
    this is are you.Your blog is very nice and interesting.

    • bhoo said

      Ponni, we would like to have you as part of our team in marketing. Please send an email with your numbers and we will talk to see how we cm take that forward.


      >> Fast Forward to the Solar Future >> Aspiration Energy; Telesolar

  9. Rajesh said

    Bhoo guide me whom to contact in Telesolar Solutions Private Limited for c-forms to be issued from Telesolar Solutions Private Limited. Looking forward towards serving this compliance matter so that we can make India a better place. Ask that person to call me or share the mail id to send details on.

    Regards. Rajesh—-9029111336.

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